You can’t sit with us

By Siân Steans

“I’m done being told women’s boundaries are responsible for other people’s suicide. That’s abusive, coercive bullshit.”

Source: You can’t sit with us


The problem with Owen Jones

I have a bone to pick with Owen Jones. In a recent article on online abuse, he wrote:

When I experienced this abuse in the past, I felt aggrieved, in the middle of a twitter storm, under attack, you name it. But here’s an important perspective and context to consider. The majority of trans people have contemplated suicide. A large majority suffer mental distress in a society absolutely riddled with transphobia. When prominent media commentators who describe themselves as progressive refuse to accept their right to exist, who intentionally and gratuitously misgender them, who joke about them looking like Pete Burns (as one of my trans women friends has been mocked by some of the detractors I’m referring to in this piece) — well, is anger understandable, even if the abuse is unsavoury? I put the abuse I’ve received in that context. They can’t do that, because they fundamentally oppose trans rights…

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