The Verkrappt

Revisiting an old bit from Normblog, here is a visual representation of Norm’s useful and amusing, Algorithm for the verkrappt. His definition of ‘verkrappt’ is below.


From March 16, 2013

Verkrappt, adj

From time to time, usually after I have used it in a post, I receive an email enquiry about the meaning of the word ‘verkrappt’ – as in ‘verkrappt section‘ of the Western left or ‘algorithm for the verkrappt‘. The person making the enquiry has Googled the word but found no definition of it. As a public service on this March Saturday, I here give my answer to that query.

I invented the word and you may take its meaning from its sound. You might like to think of ‘cramped’ or ‘crapped out’ or both. It is possible that the prefix ‘ver…’ came to me unconsciously because of the way it echoes the Yiddish ‘farkakte‘. This suggestion was made to me a few days ago by a Twitter follower/followee, but certainly I didn’t have the association clearly in mind at the time. In any case, that is the full history, so far as I know it.


3 thoughts on “The Verkrappt

  1. Actually, I believe Norm was subconsciously using the Afrikaans/Dutch as well as the Yiddish in his milieu. “Verkrampt” is the Afrikaans for cramped or constrained, from ‘kramp’…..”Krapp” speaks for itself in any variety of Germanic derivation.. Thus “verkrappt” means… Crappy, crapped out, crapped on, etc…


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